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Founded in 2017, Omnimedical is a leading supplier of PPE across multiple healthcare sectors. Our aim is to provide high quality PPE to healthcare professionals when they need it. We understand that PPE is vital to the healthcare industry especially now more then ever. Omnimedical strives to supply the best quality PPE such as disposable gloves, surgical gowns, and disposable masks when you need them and where you need them across the UK. Based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, we support healthcare practices across the UK.

Working alongside our clients and understanding their needs led us to develop our own ordering portal on our website  Our order portal allows our customers to submit their orders online and receive their goods often within 48hours, anywhere across the UK.

We are proud to collaborate with our clients to support their requirements can store and process small quantities of legacy stock before switching over to our supply.

Whilst we are living in the Covid-19 pandemic we appreciate that the government is supplying an amount of free PPE, however this is not going to be permanent, and we would urge you to start planning for the future to ensure that your levels of PPE stock are not affected when the UK government begins to phase out the free service. Find out more about this service here:

If you want to find out about how we can help you to keep your healthcare business running by supplying your PPE, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact us on

Tel: 0800 433 4928



We currently have stock of disposable nitrile gloves, sterile medical gowns, non-sterile medical gowns, face masks, visors, safety eyewear, surgical drapes, disposable face masks, FFP3 masks, FFP2 masks, Corpo masks, medical googles, surgical headwear and many other high quality personal protective equipment items.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on our social pages and our website for interesting industry blog articles and news.

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