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Where Can I Buy Crutches & Mobility Aids From?

Global supply issue of Aluminium causing Shortages of Crutches and Mobility Aids

Crutches and mobility aids are currently in high demand due to a global shortage of aluminium. Hospitals across the UK are facing shortages in supply as the country heads into winter months when falls and traumas are more common due to poor weather such as ice and snow. Pledges have been made requesting the return of unused crutches and mobility aids so that they can be re-conditioned and re-deployed. Crutches are essential to the rehabilitation of sprains and lower limb fractures that require a walking aid, without them it can lead to a delay in healing. 

The cost of aluminium has risen sharply and is currently facing its highest ever price per tonne in 13-years, boosted by high demand and large shortages. These shortages stem from China, which produces and consume over half of the global aluminium supplies. Russia, the second-largest producer of aluminium is also contributing to higher prices, due to their 15% export tax on aluminium-based alloys.

Whist the spotlight remains on China’s efforts to reduce its carbon emissions, the Chinese government is holding firm on curbing aluminium smelting, which is significantly impacting the supply. Labour shortages are also being blamed on the shortage of supply. Less aluminium is being produced right now, and what is being produced is in high demand for greener products, such as, electric cars and wind turbines. 

The shortage of aluminium is unlikely to resolve anytime soon, although may ease as we move into 2022. Industry experts predict that the shortages in aluminium may go on for the next 5 years. Supply chains must look further forward when planning to purchase mobility aids that are manufactured from aluminium to ensure that their supply is uninterrupted.

Omnimedical currently has a supply of single and double adjustable crutches in stock at our warehouse in Hampshire and is currently available for delivery across the UK. If you wish to discuss your requirements for double or single adjustable crutches for your hospital or medical facility, then please contact us at to discuss quantities and pricing. 

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