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About Us

The Story Behind Omnimedical

In August 2019, we at Omnimedical identified a gap within the PPE industry. We discovered that the brand of the supplier is irrelevant and that it is far more important to our customers to reduce the timescale between the production and the receipt of personal protective equipment.

With an aim to modernise and innovate the supply of PPE and Medical Grade plastics, we work efficiently to manufacture in-house from within our specialist facility in Hampshire, or through our network of sister production facilities located in India, New Delhi, and Hubei Province, China. 

In comparison to a PPE retail organisation, our bespoke model approach allows us to keep our customer base condensed to ensure that we provide unbeatable levels of service and value to those who use our products. 

Our Sectors

Here at Omnimedical, we have a full supply & and service solution for both PPE &...
Dental PPE
As a leading PPE manufacturer, at Omnimedical we strive to provide Multi Site, National and...
african-doctor-helping-senior-patient-breath-using-repiratory-ventilation-tube-hospital-room-inte (2)
Primary Care
Our Front Line Medical Staff continue to stay at the heart of our National Healthline...
female-nurse-wearing-surgical-mask-isolated-white-background (1)
Nursing & Community Care
At Omnimedical, we understand the high level of protection needed within the Nursing & Community...
A permanent make-up specialist in a beauty salon prepares the client for the procedure. The master is wearing a special protective mask for working in covid conditions
When working within the aesthetics sector, we at Omnimedical understand the importance of maintaining a...
female-veterinarian-doctor-is-holding-her-hands-cat-with-plastic-cone-collar-after-castration-veterinary-concept (2)
Here at Omnimedical, we’re proud to lead the field when it comes to providing the...