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Our Successes

When it comes to the success of Omnimedical, there is one key factor that will always be significant – our knowledge that every organisation’s PPE requirements are different, meaning that the standard ‘off the shelf’ solution is not the correct approach.

In light of this, our bespoke production model has been created to allow us to take an innovative and flexible approach to creating and delivering PPE. An example of this is our therapy-specific packs, all of which are designed in conjunction with a number of our market-leading EU Dental Group clients, including; Surgical, AGP & NON-AGP. 

By using a bespoke model, we also aim to:

  • Deliver PPE standardisation and be compliant with medical directorate policy. 
  • To reduce waste and promote sustainability within the industry. 
  • To eliminate slow-moving stock & OOD stock episodes.
  • To ensure that our packs are configured entirely to the product standard, specification, and budget set by the client. 

As a result of this, our client base across the Dental, Care Home, and Veterinary sectors continue to expand – proving that our bespoke concept works. 

We must also note that while we may not have a physical retail presence, our contracted account management model solidifies our supply chain with UK-held stock to ensure rapid delivery across the EU.