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Our Logistics Capability

At Omnimedical, we strive to keep all elements of our service model ‘in house’ from the production, to the storage and delivery. 

Our dedication to this comes as a result of our public and consumer experience, which throughout the pandemic has highlighted the severity of the impact to a supply chain, when even just a minor issue or delay is caused. 

In light of this, we have learnt that delays and poor logistics information have been commonplace in many industries as business models built on subcontracted and third party entities have been exposed. 

As a result,our infrastructure and processes are designed to mitigate & minimise service disruption through ownership & control of each step and both the service and data associated with it. Complimenting this service model is our account management sales and support structure, with our highly skilled & dedicated team supporting your organisation. 

Other key support areas include:


Through our 75,000 sqft dedicated storage facility, we’re able to provide dedicated customer racks with a full call off order facility, ensuring stock is ready to deliver and to meet seasonal demands without clogging your facility space.

Our E-Commerce & Dedicated Ordering Portal

Our tailored ordering portal for your business models grants you the ability to receive full administrator access through our dashboard, allowing you to capture stock levels and order patterns.

Our Delivery Fleet

Our dedicated delivery fleet enables both same & next day service at highly competitive rates, whilst our sophisticated track and trace fleet management system allows simple ePOD tracking & reporting.

Here at Omnimedical, we also have proven experience in helping clients to understand their PPE needs, match their product options and improve both product quality whilst rationalising skus.