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Our Process

Here at Omnimedical we aim to provide our clients with the PPE they require in a swift and efficient manner through the following process:

Our client will first provide us with one month’s standard usage of their required PPE needs, from disposable gowns to FFP3 respirators.

We will then review and assess the current product mix.

Within the seven days following, we will return to the client with an assessment of their current product mix, money-saving opportunities, and a rationalisation and proposed pricing structure.

Once the pricing has been agreed upon across the board, within ten days we will manufacture the full range in a sample pack (bespoke to the client’s needs) and will send this to you for clinical review.

In agreement with the clinical review, the client will place their order/sign contracts and we will confirm a date to go live.

Following the data of the purchase order, we will manufacture all of the products within the range to cover an initial sixty-day usage period.