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Prevent Modern Slavery and Trafficking

Here at Omnimedical, we have a zero tolerance for those who abuse human rights – at any point during our supply chain. 

As a leading provider of PPE for all healthcare professionals we strive to prevent slavery and effectively support workers rights within our supply hubs – avoiding at all costs situations that involve the violations of human rights.

This is reflected in supporting the rights of our employees within our national and international manufacturing facilities. 

We also strive to lead the field when it comes to logistical PPE, and we believe that we can only do so if we are socially responsible and ethically support our employment practices and in relation to our employees human rights. 

As a common practice, we also carry out a full due diligence on any company or supplier that we partner with to ensure that the same code of conduct is followed. This includes the sourcing of material from ethical sources, as well as the way that they treat their labour force. 

Our Approach

Our guidelines for behaviour towards our employees are based upon the principles detailed in the following documents: 

Ensuring compliance within our supply chain

Within our national and international supply hubs, we have a number of HR representatives who work with great passion to implement our HR policies, as well setting contracts. We also audit compliance on a regular basis. 

Quality Assurance

At Omnimedical we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction, by providing your healthcare professionals with the PPE they require, whilst complying with the requirements in our Quality Management System. We are also committed to adapting our products, supply chain and business partnerships to ensure a quality-focus environment, outstanding personal protective equipment and strong relationships with our employees. 

We like to ensure continuous great quality across our range of products, however should you have a problem with an Omnimedical product, please contact us. One of our experts will take care of you straight away, either by swiftly exchanging the product in question or by refunding your account.

Social Responsibility

Here at Omnimedical, we have a great understanding of corporate social responsibility and the social, environmental and economic issues involved. 

As a leading PPE supplier, we understand that we have the capabilities to make a positive impact on the globe’s sustainable development agenda, and as a result we try to keep our chain as sustainable as possible. 

With a belief that is important to be aligned with the best international practices, we draw our key influences on CSR from the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the United Nations Global Compact Principles, ISO 26000:2010 and the United Nations sustainable development goals. 

Ethical Supply Chains 

As a PPE manufacturer and distributor, we’re proud to serve healthcare professionals across the globe, through our specialist manufacturing facility and supply chain operations in Hampshire, and through our sister companies in India, New Delhi and Hubei Province, China. 

We are also committed to only partnering with those that are both ethical and socially responsible in their practices, and we will always ask for evidence of this. 

Omnimedical’s Ethical Sourcing Programme 

Based upon the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, our multifaceted ethical sourcing programme is used to emphasise a risk-based business approach which allows us to identify the risks of labour and human-rights in our impactful supply chain. 

Our dedication to the WRAP Certification

Here at Omnimedical we’re in the process of slowly delivering WRAP certification to the suppliers within our PPE supply chain with the hope that this will have a positive impact on our industry. When purchasing through us, you are guaranteed to receive products that have been manufactured and shipped from within a WRAP-certified facility where under ethical and safe working conditions are assured. 

What is WRAP? 

As the world’s largest independent facility certification program, WRAP and it’s non-profit team of global social responsibility experts are committed to ensuring safe, humane, ethical and lawful manufacturing across the globe through education and certification. 

With a main focus on supporting the footwear, apparel and sewn product sectors, they work to independently monitor and guarantee compliance in reflection of their twelve principles, all of which are based on the laws within each country, as well as the essence or language of the relevant ILO (International Labour Organization) conventions. 

Environmental Initiatives 

As we strive to reduce our environmental footprint, we aim to preserve our planet for present and future generations as evolve our company.